APIG Introduction

SSQUARE API Generator (APIG) is an API-driven platform that offers you a low-coding and manageable approach in creating services to integrate multiple systems including legacy, databases, and other technologies with modern applications and publishing them in the form of WSDL and RestAPI in lightning speed. 

How APIG works

APIG develops services that function as flowchart with each node is integrated to a back-end systems, data sources, or file. The services are then published into APIs which are ready to call for function. Published services are available in both WSDL and RestAPI forms.  

How APIG services are created

As a low-coding platform, APIG services are created by dragging nodes from a panel and dropping them onto a service board, selecting configured adapters to specify actions of each node, and linking those nodes together by connecting lines drawing directional arrows to complete the service flow. 

Parts Involved in Service Creation

For better understanding, here is a description of all parts involved in creating services:

Service board
Space where the flowchart or service flow is drawn on.

Service flow
A workflow of designed service created by assembling all nodes. 

A logical reference of adapter available on board.

A mechanism to connect between nodes on service board with back-end systems, data sources, or files.