Introduction to the DMA platform


What if you can build a mobile application, even if you are not a developer and know nothing about programming languages. Imagine you can build a simple application in one day and can launch it immediately. It sounds impossible but DMA can make it possible.

Dynamic Mobile Application or DMA has a simple concept. DMA lets you build the application without writing a single line of code. And what is the result? You can reach the market faster, improved quality faster, and more reduced cost. We provide everything you need to build a powerful application that can help your business respond to your customers in the right way and efficiently. Your application can directly connect to APIs by registering them on Service Gateway. And, you will build the application screen by using DMA template and configure them easier and faster on DMA Manager.

We highly recommend you to leave an application building by coding behind and let DMA solve your customers’ pain points. 

Why DMA?

DMA is a mobile application building software by removing all complexity of code. We help businesses move fast and respond to customers’ preferences at the right point. Here are the main advantages of using the DMA platform.

  • Rapid Change
  • No Code
  • Easy to Use

Let’s drill down into each of these:

Rapid Change

We understand that business changes rapidly and you have to be ready for it all time. The immediacy of a no-code mobile application building platform brings you closer to the customers’ preferences and responds to them under strong competition among businesses in the industries.

No Code

We understand the limitations of developers. Some companies cannot hire a developer because of high compensation. Thus, the no-code platform could solve this problem as this is understandable and you can use it even without a background on programming languages or computer science.

Easy to Use

We understand the frustration and limitation of complex code. With DMA platform, even no-IT background people also can understand easier and can build awesome mobile applications.


Let’s go over the 3 tiers of DMA Capabilities. With DMA, you can:

  • Build an application with a shorter time.
  • Integrate with any/every system, including legacy systems by using APIs.
  • Monitor performance and maintain application usage.

Build an application with shorter time

DMA provides simple application building software. With DMA, you can build complex mobile applications at the speed of sight. You can design and understand the mobile application by understanding user inputs, background tasks, API calls, server-side executions, and more. We suggest you pay attention to the design architecture and data flow part. If you do these two parts excellently, the application building process will be easier and faster than normal.

Integrate with any/every system, including legacy system thru APIs

Were you faced with a problem of integration between different systems before? If your answer is “Yes”, DMA will definitely bring you crossover to that problem. With the DMA platform, you can integrate with the latest APIs, legacy systems, and everything in between. By registering APIs on Service Gateway, APIs are a standardized way of requesting or sending data between systems.

Monitor performance and maintain application usage

It is better if you know all transactions about your mobile application. You can health check and analyse issues that happened on the application. So, we provide a DMA transaction log to maintain application usage and monitor its performance.


Publishing an application to respond to customers’ preferences in time is the biggest obstacle of every business for a long time. As, when a business changes fast but technology cannot launch and solve the customers’ pain point immediately. Many companies lose the opportunity to expand to the market and expense high cost into changing the technology. We understand you and we are sincere to help you with our DMA platform. All without code, everyone can build the application and everyone can be a leader of changing.

And so, welcome to the DMA world, the world without code.