How to Create User

SSQUARE Admin is used for creating the users for accessing SSQUARE Toolkit and SSQUARE Admin. 

To create a new user, 

  1. Go to SSQUARE Admin https://YOURDOMAIN/admin e.g. (Google Chrome is recommended)
  2. In SSQUARE Admin, select User Management > Create New User menu

  3. Select Create New User

  4. Fill out user information. Then, click Create to create a new user

Active : Choose user status
a. Active enable the account  
b. Inactive disable the account

System : Select the system for this username
a. admin for accessing SSQUARE Admin
b. toolkit for accessing SSQUARE Toolkit

First Name : Add the account first name

Last Name : Add the account last name

User ID : Username for login on selected system 
a. The same username can be assigned for different systems
b. For SSQUARE Toolkit, a new Superuser can be created with the prefix “toolkit’ e.g. toolkitJane

Password : Password for login on selected system

  1. You will see the confirmation message when the account is successfully created.