Share Services with Other Users

Also, the same as the change owner of service explanation, if your account holds the superuser account, you can share services to other users to use as a sub service.

To share service with other users,

  1. Select the service on SSQUARE Toolkit that you would like to share. Multiple selection available.

  1. Click at SHARED AS SUB FLOW at the bottom right corner

  2. Select Shared on the Shared as Sub Flow Confirmation. Then, click UPDATE


Delete : Services that are created on SSQUARE version 6.5.0 and be used as  sub services on other services cannot be deleted. If the services that are imported from the previous version, they could be deleted. 

Share : Services could be shared as sub services and the users that get permission can edit that services. However, if the services are used as sub services, these are not allowed to unshare them. In case to use other services as a sub service, even though using the superuser account creates services, services must be shared before using.