DMA components

To understand more about DMA, there are three components of DMA, which are DMA Manager, Service Gateway, and Transaction Log. These will help you build and maintain application efficient. Each component has the main function on it. You can explore each to use DMA effectively. 

Image: DMA have three components that are service gateway, DMA manager, and transaction log

  1. Service gateway
    Service Gateway is the single entry point for all applicants. Moreover, rather than provide a one-size-fits-all style, the service gateway can expose a different API for each applicant. So, service gateway will handle requests from the mobile application and call to an actual APIs that are registered on service gateway. 
  1. DMA manager
    The main functions of DMA manager are creating screens and setting the storyboard. You can create mobile app screens without code and can configure APIs directly. As we would like to support the fast changes in business by publishing an application up to date, you can respond to your customers’ preferences at the right time.
  2. Transaction log
    The transaction log is a record of changes on DMA and the APIs on Service Gateway. These are logs that the program keeps in order to perform transaction changes. A log can occur if the program detects an error condition. This could help you understand what is happening in your application.