Connect APIs directly

As we mentioned about service gateway on the previous topic, this part we will describe how connecting APIs directly is so effective and powerful for building the mobile application.

Can you imagine when you can connect your application screen to APIs without code within a minute? Can you imagine when your screens can call APIs directly by configuring just one or two clicks? You may think it’s impossible but the DMA can make it possible.

Image: Service gateway is between the mobile screen and APIs

There is a step before you configuring APIs on a mobile app screen, which is registering your APIs on service gateway. You can register your APIs into four types.

  1. Web Service – Dropdown
  2. Web Service – APIs
  3. JSON Service – Dropdown
  4. JSON Service – APIs

With the service gateway, you will able to use existing APIs or bring external APIs to use with your mobile application screen again. 

After this step, you will screen application screens on DMA manager and then configure APIs that you already registered on service gateway.