DMA template types

We have known that if you can create mobile application screens faster and launch the application quicker, your business will respond to your customers better. Thus, we provide several templates to cover all your needs and ideas. You can choose from over 40 mobile templates on DMA to build your app screens with more simplicity, elegance and power.

Before going to use the templates, let’s introduce the template types to you first.

There are two types of template, which are general template (built-in) and APIs structure template. These two have different functions and usage purposes.

First, a general template or built-in template is a template that you can design colors, layouts, and functions and configure them on the DMA manager by yourself within minutes. It depends on your app screen usage. This type of template is not required APIs when you are building them, as you will configure APIs later. You can choose this type of template when you need to create a menu screen, setting screen, or display information screen.

The second is APIs structure template. This type of template is required APIs when you are building them. There are two options of usage. One is to show data in a list and call that API automatically, another one is bringing only API input and output structure to show on a template but not call that API. These templates are beneficial when you want to create a data list screen such as a list of hospital addresses around your current area or you have an API and want to show the structure as the API be, you can just select this type of template.  

You can explore more details of each type template on DMA templates topic.