Getting Started

To explore the DMA, the software that you can build a mobile application is easier and faster, you are in the right place to begin. Here is a tutorial to help you get started on your first mobile application. 

How to Build a Mobile Application Using DMA

If you want to reach the market faster, there are significant points to consider such as programming languages and designing UX and UI. However, you don’t need to be worried as the DMA concept is to let you build an app by configuring instead of coding an app. You just set properties of each screen, setting the function of each button, connecting screens into a storyboard, and publishing an app ready to use. Using DMA, most of the complexities are eliminated which makes mobile app development faster and easier. 

5 Steps of Building a Mobile Application

Here are 5 steps of creating an application by using DMA, and the most important is the design step. If you can design your application completely and scrupulously before you start using the DMA, your process will go smoothly and systematically. It is beneficial when you need to change or adjust an application or response to the business preferences immediately. 

You would get to see an example of how easy a native mobile app is built in 5 steps using DMA;

5 Easy Steps to Build Mobile Application Using DMA

  1. Design Your Application
  2. Register APIs on Service Gateway
  3. Create Screen
  4. Set Data Flow and Config Storyboard
  5. Publish and Test App Functions