Setting Up APIG

Here you get to know how to set up and run APIG, including:

  • Installing APIG
  • Installing Adapter (If any)
  • Testing Accessibility of APIG units
  • Testing Connectivity with back-end systems

System Requirements

APIG requires minimum VM hardware resource for reliable performance;

  • CPU 8 Core
  • Memory 64 GB
  • Disk 400 GB

These firewall ports must be opened for successful installation process;



80 / 443 HTTP / HTTPS for API Accessing, S-Square Admin
54014,8480S-Square Toolkit
8180S-Square Console
8380S-Square Adapter
4443S-Square LCS, S-Square PMS
53004Maintenance Support

You are also required to inform TechBerry of your Virtual Machine Version. When the information has been received, TechBerry will deliver SSQUARE Software Image for Deployment accordingly.