Step 2 : Register APIs on Service Gateway

One of the strengths of DMA is the app being able to connect with APIs directly. You can bring your existing APIs to register on Service Gateway, which is a single access point and acts as a proxy for multiple services. 

Before you will register APIs, there are three important parts of the service gateway that you need to know first.

  1. External APIs
    Service Gateway provides functions for using external APIs. You can bring your APIs to register and use on the mobile application. You discover the APIs and select the operations that you want to use.
  2. Authentication
    Authentication is a simple HTTP authentication scheme in which the request will contain an authorization header with a valid encoded username and password. The service gateway is able to authenticate requests using OAuth2 authentication only.
  3. Host Configuration
    A host configuration is set as a domain name default endpoint that will organize the APIs with the same domain name and it will be beneficial when you need to change the domain of APIs.

To build a mobile application and enable DMA to call particular APIs, the APIs need to be registered on Service Gateway. Let’s see how it is working by following these 3 steps.

3 Steps for register API on Service Gateway

  1. Create External API
  2. Test Configuration
  3. Publish Registered APIs