Create External API

Before you build the mobile application, you have to bring your existing APIs to register on the service gateway and that enables them to connect to application screens directly.

To create external API, 

  1. Go to Service Gateway

Google Chrome is recommended.

  1. Select Create
  2. Add the API details on external APIs configuration

Part 1: General Details

Service NameThe name of service that will be created.
Remarkdescribe this API or propose of this API
Last UpdatedThe date that API is edited latest.
Last PublishedThe date that API is published 
AuthenticationThe methods of protecting API access from unidentified access.- None: able to call API directly, no authentication.- OAuth2.0: select the authentication types for the API. See more details: Authentication

Part 2: APIs Details
Note: You need to know your APIs type before registering. There are 4 types: JSON APIs (in this example), Static Dropdown, Web Service, and JSON Service.

External APIs TypeThe type of your APIs that will connect in DMA. 
Host Config Nameselect the host config name for your API (see more details: Host Config Name)
URIThe URI of your API
HeaderThe header name for your API
Input FieldsThe input name of your API
Output FieldsThe output name of your API
  1. Select at Input field name to add data, you can import data into two methods
    a. Import JSON data

    b. JSON raw data
  2. Click on (1) your API input and select (2) Promote, then click (3) Apply and click (4) Confirm
  3. Do the same process with the output field and click Confirm
  4. Click Create Data at the left-hand side to finish creating this API.
  5. Next step: Test Configuration