Requesting License

When you purchase SSQUARE API Generator or request for a product trial, you will receive an e-mail including Download Link of SSQUARE Software Image and Item Code that you will need to use for requesting license. After product installation, you can request for SSQUARE product license as follows;

  1. Go to SSQUARE License Control System (LCS) through URL https://YOURDOMAIN:4443/lcs
    (Google Chrome is recommended)
  1. Click Request License button on Information menu to request SSQUARE Product License
  1. Enter Item Code (provided via email) on Popup Window: Request License. Then click Generate to generate a license request file. Please ensure that the browser enables pop-ups.
  1. Save the request license file to the destination folder (File may automatically save to the default folder)
  1. Attach the request license file in email and send to
  2. SSQUARE API Generator Provider will reply the email with license file. The license file format that you receive will depend on the type of license as follows;
License TypeFile Format
New License<ItemCode>_<Hostname>_New_<CCYYMMDD>.li
Upgrade License<ItemCode>_<Hostname>_Upgrade_<CCYYMMDD>.li
Renew License<ItemCode>_<Hostname>_Renew_<CCYYMMDD>.li