Installing Adapter 

These following steps will walk you through API Generator Adapter installation process for SSQUARE APIG Adapter Management.

  1. After login, click Catalog icon on the left menu bar
  2. The system will show all adapters. Click on adapter that you would like to install.
  1. Click Upload button to browse adapter file (adapter installer sent via email from TechBerry). Then, click Upload to upload file
  1.  Click Install to complete adapter installation
  1. The system shows “Confirm Install Adapter” pops up, click the dropdown to select JVM. Then, click Confirm button

Required Transports for Adapters

Please consult the following table to check which adapters you are required to install to match transports and adapters :

FTP InExcel ImportCSV Import
FTP OutExcel ExportCSV ExportJasper to PDF
DatasourceMSSQL Database