Screen Preview

The DMA has a function that allows you to preview app screens and upload them for setting up the storyboard, there are two methods depending on sales conditions. However, the APIs structure screens that have API configuration cannot use this function, as the application needs to publish before retrieving data from the API and show on the screen.  

  1. Full-option screen preview (DMA Preview Application is needed.)
  2. Regular screen preview option

Full-option screen preview

  1. After created application screen, go to Screen Preview at the right-hand side
  1. You need to download the DMA Preview Application before using this screen preview, then select code on dropdown and pairing by adding that code on your DMA Preview app and click Pairing.

  2. Click Refresh on DMA Manager, the screen that you created will be shown on the DMA Preview app.
  1. To upload a screenshot, DMA provides two options for this function.
    a. Option 1

DMA Preview App

  • Capture screen you want to upload
  • Shake “DMA Preview App”
  • Upload your screenshot

DMA Manager

  • Press ‘Get Screenshot’ to retrieve the new screenshot

    b. Option 2
  • Browse screenshot files from your computer.

Regular screen preview option

  1. If you don’t have a DMA preview app, you need to publish the application after setting the data flow and storyboard. 
  2. Capture application screen one by one and upload to your computer
  3. Use Option 2 on Upload Screenshot, then browse the screenshot file from your computer and click Upload.