SSQUARE Product Maintenance System (PMS)

PMS is a web application used for Product Features Upgrade, Bug Fixes, System Maintenance as well as Download SSQUARE Toolkit. Two parts are required to check accessibility to the PMS unit.

Part 1- Ensure that you have proper access to SSQUARE PMS

Make sure that you have the information that you have access to SSQUARE Product Maintenance System (PMS) through URL https://YOURDOMAIN:4443/pms e.g. (Google Chrome is recommended)

SSQUARE API Generator – Product Maintenance System Login Page

Part 2- Have the SSQUARE toolkit Installer Installed

Download SSQUARE Toolkit Installer. On PMS, you can also download SSQUARE Toolkit Installer by clicking Download SSQ Toolkit button on the left corner of the landing page (Upgrade Menu).

To install Toolkit on your client, see Install SSQUARE Toolkit.