Test connecting to SSQUARE APIG Server

  1. When opening SSQUARE APIG Toolkit, the default landing page is the SYSTEM CONNECTION menu.
  1. Prior to connecting to the S-Square Server, you have to create a new project. To create a new project, click on the +  icon.
  2. Enter your project name and click Finish button to complete creating.
    Note : Please ensure your project is selected after Toolkit installation is completed.
  1. To Connect to the SSQUARE Server :

4.1)  Type in SSQUARE IP/Name

4.2) Click on adapter icon to connect to SSQUARE APIG Server. A popup window will appear. 

4.3) On the Popup Window: Authentication, enter username and password then click OK.  
* Please find your username and password in SSQUARE Application Login document