Legacy System

If you want your API to communicate between Legacy System and other applications, the first step is you must allow SSQUARE Server to connect to your Legacy System. To test connectivity and connect to legacy systems, you will need to set configurations through SSQUARE Console. If you don’t have permission to access SSQUARE  Console, please contact your system administrator.

Testing connectivity

  1. Log into SSQUARE Console through URL http://YOURDOMAIN:8180/console e.g. http://ssq.techberry.com:8180/console (Google Chrome is recommended)
  2. On Tools tab, click Ping
  3. Fill Destination IP/Name
  4. Click Ping to test connectivity
    * If your legacy system is unreachable, contact your system administrator.

Connecting to your Legacy System

Noted that SSQUARE Server and AS/400 must be on the same network.

  1. On SSQUARE Console, go to Configurations tab and click Target Host
  2. Select Target Host (hostaddress)
  3. Fill IP / Name
  4. Click Save

Trying it on the SSQUARE Toolkit

We recommend you to try mapping Legacy screen on SSQUARE  Toolkit after connection to ensure that you’re able to create API connecting to Legacy System.

  1. Log into SSQUARE Toolkit
  2. Click an adapter icon between SSQUARE Toolkit and Legacy System to establish connection of Legacy System and Toolkit 
  3. On the Mapping Menu, click Create Screen Mapping

If IP Address of Legacy System is unavailable on the dropdown list, do as follows;

  1. Select Window > Preferences
  1. On SSQUARE TOOLKIT, select Project Name from a dropdown list. Click OK to save configuration.