Business Rule Period

Prior to using Business Rule Period, you’ll need to connect it to SSQUARE Server through  SSQUARE Console and Admin. If you don’t have permission to access to both applications, please contact your system administrator or responsible person.

Connect to Business Rule Period

Configure IP/Name

  1. Log into SSQUARE Console through URL http://YOURDOMAIN:8180/console e.g. (Google Chrome is recommended)
  2. On the Configuration tab, click Target Host
  3. Select Target Host (rule address)
  4. Fill IP / Name
  5. Click Save

Configure Rule and Period

  1. Log into SSQUARE Admin through URL http://YOURDOMAIN/admin e.g. (Google Chrome is recommended)
  2. Click Plug-in
  3. Click Maintain Business Rule Period
  4. Click Add
  5. Select Target Host, Rule Project, Period Type

If period type is Always, select Rule Version
If period type is Periods, fill Rule Version, Effective Date & Time, Expired Date & Time.