SAP RFC adapter enables data communication between SSQUARE and SAP system via Remote Function Call (RFC) interface. The adapter allows business applications to exchange data with SAP system via SSQUARE API.

Configure SAP RFC

  1. Log into SSQUARE Adapter Management through URL http://YOURDOMAIN:8380/adapter e.g. (Google Chrome is recommended)
  2. On SAP RFC menu, click + to add new adapter
  3. Fill Adapter Name
  4. Fill Basic Configuration
    4.1) SAP RFC Host
    4.2) Client Number
    4.3) Language
    4.4) System Number
    4.5) Username
    4.6) Password
    4.7) Function Name
  5. Click Test Connection
  6. Click Import Parameters to import input/output parameters of specific RFC function
  7. Rename -or- add input and output parameters if needed (click Apply to save change)
  8. Click Create

When the adapter has been created, you can run unit-test on specific RFC function under Testing section of selected SAP RFC Adapter Configuration page.