Getting Started

If you have never experienced APIG, you’re at the right place to begin. APIG has a tutorial to help you get started on generating your first API with APIG. 

How to Generate an API

If you want to create a RestAPI or web service from scratch, there are so many points to consider from programming language, HTTP methods, HTTP codes, to developer’s skill set. With APIG, none of those needs to be worried. Just follow these 5 easy steps you will have standard API that reusable, flexible to change, and easy to maintain. Most importantly, coding skill doesn’t play a big role here!

5 Easy Steps to Generate an API

Step 1 : Design Services
Step 2 : Create Adapter
Step 3 : Integrate Nodes
Step 4 : Test Services
Step 5 : Publish services in form of WSDL or RestAPI/JSON

Before you begin

Make sure that you have installed SSQUARE Toolkit on your computer. If you haven’t, go to: SSQUARE Toolkit Installation