Step 2: Create Adapter

This step you will connect APIG with external system that you’ll integrate with. In this tutorial, service designed in Step1 only integrates with Database. To establish connection with database by creating Database Adapter,

  1. Go to https://YOURDOMAIN/admin e.g. (Google Chrome is recommended)
  2. In SSQUARE Admin, click Plug-in > Maintain Data Source
  1. Click Add to create a new Database adapter
  2. Define Database Adapter Information. The following database will be used in this tutorial,


Data Source Name : TestDB
Connection String* : jdbc:mysql://
Username : techberry
Password : techberry

*Click (?) to see reference of connection strings for supported databases

  1. Click Test Connection to test connection between SSQUARE and your database server
  2. If connected successfully, click Save. You will find the Database Adapter Name listed on a list.

Now your adapter is ready to use as a reference on database node which you’ll get to use it in Step 3: Integrate Nodes
For more information, see Database Adapter