Configure Nodes

To refer created adapter on node :

  1. Double click on Database Node to configure its properties
  2. Configure properties on Database Properties popup,

2.1) Select Data Source Name as created in Step2: Create Adapter
– Data Source Name : sales
2.2) Select SQL Type
2.3) Enter SQL Statement that you want to perform an action on sales database
– SQL Statement :

SELECT cusId,cusName,cusLastname,phoneNumber FROM sales.customer WHERE cusId = #cusId#
*# is used for SQL Injection 

2.4) Enter input parameters

Input Field NameType
cusId Integer

a. Click + to add an input parameter

b. On INPUT FIELD popup,
– Enter input parameter in Defined Field 
– Select data type from Data Type drop-down list

c. Click CREATE +

2.5) Enter output parameters

Output Field NamePromote to Front-end
cusId Yes

a. Click + to add an input parameter
b. On OUTPUT FIELD popup,

  • Enter database column name in Column Name (DB) that data will be fetched from database. Herein database column name is the same as output field name.
  • Define output fields of service flow that you want to map with database column name in Map to Defined Field
  • Select YES to promote this field to front end

c. Click CREATE +

d. Repeat 2.5.1-2.5.3 for all output parameters

2.6) After complete all steps, click DONE

For more information, see Database Node