Prior to system integration, adapters are required to establish connections between APIG and external systems. Adapters can be dissected into two parts :

Transport Layer
This layer is used to connect your APIG to external systems. For instance when connecting to a FTP server the address/hostname of FTP server, authentication (username, password), and file location is specified to locate the server.

Adapter Layer
The adapter layer will locate which specific part will data be obtained from the external system. The type adapter layer fall into two categories depending on the nature of external configurations involved:

  • Single Entity Adapter
    Involves defining only one single entity, for example, JSON Adapter. In this case the user specifies only the Input and Output parameters to enable communication between APIG and JSON API.
  • Multiple Entity Adapter
    This is for system configurations which need a more detailed specification, for example, excel files. In this case the user would need to specify the worksheet name and column involved.

Required Transports for Adapters
Please consult the following table to check which adapters you are required to install to match transports and adapters :

FTP InExcel ImportCSV Import
FTP OutExcel ExportCSV ExportJasper to PDF
DatasourceMSSQL Database