Transport Layer: SMTP Adapter

Before configuring the adapter layer of adapter, make sure that you have connected with your external system through transport adapter.

What needed for SMTP Adapter

Adapter Name
Adapter names will be displayed in the Transport Name drop-down list of SMTP Adapter. See more about Adapter Name Concept: Logical and Physical Reference

Connection Properties
SSQUARE needs to know which Outing Mail Server that you are pointing to. Along with the creating steps you’re required to provide attributes such as the outing mail server, and port to initiate the connection.

Email address and password
In a basic configuration, you have to prepare an email address and password for configuring on SMTP adapter for a test connection.

Create SMTP Adapter

  1. Go to SSQUARE Adapter through http://YOURDOMAIN:8380/adapter e.g. (Google Chrome is recommended)
  2. Select SMTP on sidebar 
  3. Click + to create a new SMTP adapter
  4. Define adapter name in Adapter Name field
  5. Provide required SMTP Configuration properties; outing mail server, port, authentication and password, Username, and Password in Basic Configuration section
    ** In Username and Password, add your email address and password must include verifying access
  6. Click Test Connection
  7. If test connection successfully, click Create