Web Service Adapter

If you have a number of web services currently used and wish to reuse it in another project, you can simply integrate them into your new service flow. Before integration, a few steps needed to take, so SSQ can connect to your web services.

Before you begin

Adapter Name
Adapter name will be listed in Properties of Web Service Node on SSQUARE Toolkit. See more about Adapter Name Concept: Logical and Physical Reference

Endpoint URL
SSQUARE needs to know where your web services are. Along the creating steps you are required to provide the URL of your web service.

If your web service requires basic authentication for calling, username and password must be defined. Otherwise, SSQUARE couldn’t invoke your web service.

Data Structure
To call web service, it’s essential to know its data structure. By browsing WSDL file (.xml), SSQUARE will recognize data structure of your web service.

Create Web Service Adapter

  1. Go to SSQUARE Admin through
    https://YOURDOMAIN/admin e.g. https://ssq.techberry.com/admin (Google Chrome is recommended)
  2. In SSQUARE Admin, click Plug-in > Maintain Web Service
  3. Click Add to create a new Web Service adapter
  4. Define adapter name in Endpoint Name field
  5. Enter web service URL in Endpoint URL field
  6. Click Test Connection to test connection between SSQ and your web service
  7. Browse XML file of your web service in WSDL File field
  8. If authentication required, select Basic Auth from dropdown list of Endpoint Auth Type
  9. Enter database username and password for authentication in Username and Password fields respectively
  10. If connected successfully, click Save

Now your web service adapter is all set, ready to use as a reference on web service node. To use your adapter, you’ll find and select your adapter in Endpoint Name field on Properties setting of Web Service Node.