Database Adapter

Create Database Adapter is to create a connection between your database and SSQUARE server. The adapter will be later used as a reference in database node of your service flow. Without the adapter, database node doesn’t know which database you point to. 

Before you begin

Adapter Name
Adapter name will be listed in Properties of Database Node on SSQUARE Toolkit. See more about Adapter Name Concept: Logical and Physical Reference

Connection Properties
SSQUARE needs to know which database you’re pointing to. Along the creating steps you’re required to provide attributes such as database type, server name or IP, port, and database name to initiate the connection.

Username and password is required to allow SSQUARE to securely connect to the database server.

Create Database Adapter

  1. Go to SSQUARE Admin through https://YOURDOMAIN/admin e.g. (Google Chrome is recommended)
  2. In SSQUARE Admin, click Plug-in > Maintain Data Source
  3. Click Add to create a new Database adapter
  4. Define adapter name in Data Source Name field
  5. Provide required database server connection properties in Connection String field. Click (?) to see reference of connection strings for supported databases
  6. Enter database username and password for authentication in Username and Password fields respectively
  7. Click Test Connection to test connection between SSQUARE and your database server
  8. If connected successfully, click Save. You’ll find Database Adapter Name listed on a list

Now your database adapter is all set, ready to use as a reference on database node. To use your adapter, you’ll find and select your adapter in Data Source Name field on Properties setting of Database Node.