Limitation of MSSQL Database Adapter

The limitations are vital to call a stored procedure using MSSQL Database Adapter to ensure that your stored procedure does not contain any of the following data types and structures.

  1. Data Type: 
    • XML and JSON are not supported by MSSQL Database Adapter.
  2. Input Parameter: 
    • Result List and Cursor are not supported as inputs of MSSQL Database Adapter.
  3. Output Parameter:
    MSSQL Database Adapter is not supported a stored procedure’s output that
  • Output contains several Result Lists
  • Output is different between success or error cases
  • Output is different depending on input
  • Output with different fields in the same Array List
  • Output of a stored procedure that calls another stored procedure in execution. MSSQL Database Adapter is capable of calling one stored procedure at a time.