Excel Import Adapter

Microsoft Excel becomes a vital part of organizations. It’s used for various purposes; storing and analyzing data, tracking sales trends, and other business activities. Question arises, how can you use data in Excel file to process in other activities. Having to manually key in data or write a new function to read an Excel file every time a new set of data comes in is possible, but how long would that take? Can the business wait for that long? With SSQUARE Adapter, you can utilize data in Excel file by importing it into service flow. To import a list of data from Excel file, you’re required to create Excel Import Adapter on SSQUARE Adapter Management.

Before you begin

Here in SSQUARE, Excel Import adapter is decoupled its configuration into 2 layers;

  1. Transport Layer – Identify FTP and file locations to import an Excel file
  2. Adapter Layer – Excel Import is multiple entity adapter. In this layer, worksheet and column names of data must be defined

You will need to create FTP IN Adapter and Excel Import Adapter respectively to import data from Excel file into service flow on SSQUARE.