Excel Export Adapter

Microsoft Excel has multiple ubiquitous uses across all organization levels. Whether for data storage, analysis, progress tracking, forecast activities or other various uses. Also, many companies collect all data into excel files because of the benefits when organize, and explore massive data sets within significantly expanded spreadsheets and excel files help ensure you and your organization work with the most current business information. No matter where your data comes from or what types of your data set, with SSQUARE adapter, especially Excel Export Adapter on SSQUARE Adapter Management could transfer your data into excel files immediately without complicated coding. Just a few steps needed to create Excel Export Adapter.

Before you begin

Herein SSQUARE, Excel Export adapter is decoupled its configuration into 2 layers;

  1. Transport Layer – Identify FTP and file locations to export an Excel file
  2. Adapter Layer – Excel Export is a multiple entity adapter. In this layer, worksheet and column names of data must be defined

You will need to create FTP OUT Adapter and Excel Export Adapter respectively to import data from other programs into service flow on SSQUARE.