CSV Import Adapter

CSV files are often an integral part of high volume databases. Used for storing large data with important information that are versatile in terms of convertibility making them a practical file storage format for businesses. The process of obtaining data for further use could be tedious and repetitive. You can overcome this hassle using CSV Import Adapter. With the adapter, you can utilize data from CSV files by importing them into service flows. To import a list of data from CSV file, you are required to create a CSV Import Adapter on SSQUARE Adapter Management.

Before you begin

Herein SSQUARE, CSV Import adapter is decoupled its configuration into 2 layers;

  1. Transport Layer – Identify FTP and file locations to import a CSV file
  2. Adapter Layer – Define headers of data in CSV file

You will need to create FTP IN Adapter and CSV Import Adapter respectively to import data from CSV file into service flow on SSQUARE.