CSV Export Adapter

Almost all developers and programmers prefer the CSV files as they are plain-text files that make them easier for the website creating and also to better organize large amounts of data. Moreover, the CSV files are comma-separated values files which are able to be used with almost any spreadsheet program. So, that’s why the CSV files are very impactful in any business area. Nowadays, the CSV files are required to export to use in many programs and the way to generate any data into CSV files are taking time, however, with the SSQUARE Adapter, you can generate and export the data from other data sources into the CSV files with low coding and the complicated process.Just a few steps needed to create CSV Export Adapter.

Before you begin

Herein SSQUARE, CSV Export adapter is decoupled its configuration into 2 layers;

  1. Transport Layer – Identify FTP and file locations to export a CSV file
  2. Adapter Layer – Define column names of data in CSV file

You’ll need to create FTP OUT Adapter and CSV Export Adapter respectively to import the original data from other backend systems into service flow on SSQUARE.