Adapter Layer: CSV Export Adapter

CSV Export Adapter requires configuration of both transport and adapter layers of the adapter. 

To create an adapter layer of CSV Export Adapter:

Requirements for CSV Export Adapter

Adapter Name
Adapter name will be listed in Properties of CSV Export Node on SSQUARE Toolkit. See more about Adapter Name Concept: Logical and Physical Reference

Data Information
To import data from the other backend systems, SSQUARE needs to know exactly the data source that you want to be exported in CSV file. On SSQUARE Adapter Management, you can simply enter the data source in any backend systems in provided fields. To do so, SSQUARE will automatically know where to retrieve your data.

Create CSV Export Adapter

  1. Go to SSQUARE Adapter through http://YOURDOMAIN:8380/adapter e.g. (Google Chrome is recommended)
  2. Select CSV Export on sidebar 
  3. Click + to create a new CSV Export adapter
  4. Define adapter name in Adapter Name field
  5. Select Transport Name (FTP OUT Adapter Name) from a drop-down list in Transport Configuration section
  6. In Basic Configuration section, define worksheet details:
  • No. of Rows in Header: total row(s) of header 
  • Row of Field in Header: total row(s) of column header 
  • No. of Rows in Footer: total row(s) of footer
  • Sheet Name: sheet name in CSV file that data will be imported
  1. Name column headers in Template Configuration section. You can either manually name one by one or import field names from the data source. You can configure the following settings for each field;
  • Seq: Sequence of column header
  • Field Name: Contact property of each column header such as givenname. The contact property is case and space sensitive. For example, givenname, givenName, and given name are completely different.
  • Promote to SSQ: Visibility on SSQUARE toolkit
  • Trim Left: Trim space before text
  • Trim Right: Trim space after text
  • Upper: Change text to uppercase
  • Lower: Change text to lowercase
  • Call Service: Define service name (the service must be SSQUARE Service or other services deployed on SSQUARE Server) and configure service properties by clicking the blue tool icon button. This feature is mostly used for data conversion.

If you want to add more fields that unavailable on an original file in your service, CSV Export Adapter has the feature available in Row Conversion and Global Service section. This feature is designed specifically for data conversion or value calculation from data available the worksheet.

  1. Click Create

Now your CSV Export adapter is all set, ready to use as a reference on CSV Export node. To use your adapter, you will find and select your adapter in Adapter Name field on Properties setting of CSV Export Node.