Jasper to PDF Adapter

PDF files are normally useful for many companies in the business world. For example, when you are invoicing clients, maintaining customer records in a stable format, or sending important memos. You can be sure with a PDF file that the person viewing the document will see it as it was intended to be. Thus, this Jasper to PDF adapter would be beneficial for businesses to express their information to customers or partners effectively.

Before you begin

Herein SSQUARE, Jasper to PDF adapter is decoupled its configuration into 2 layers;

  1. Transport Layer – Identify FTP and file locations to export a PDF file
  2. Adapter Layer – Set basic configuration and load input and output parameter

You will need to create FTP OUT Adapter and Jasper to PDF Adapter respectively to import data from other backend systems into service flow on SSQUARE and generate it into PDF file.