In SSQUARE API Generator, we use nodes for writing a service work process flow on a service board on Toolkit. What is the node? The node is a logical reference of adapter available on the service board, which represents the function of creating a service process without complicated coding and easy to follow up when programmers or users would like to change or adjust the process. We have three types of nodes that separate by work function, which are General, AS/400 and Integration. 

Before getting into the details of nodes, let’s begin with some terminologies you’ll later see in node configuration :

Adapter Name
A name refers to a configured adapter that connects to external systems. More information, see Adapters

Adapter Fields
When configure adapter, you’re required to define input/output parameters to communicate with external systems. Herein APIG, adapter fields refer to input/out parameter names.

Service Fields
In service flow, parameters will pass from one node to another by reference so-called Service Field in APIG. For example,

Adapter FieldsService Fields
Database NodeemployeeIDempID
JSON NodeemployeeNoempID

Database node will pass value of parameter names “employeeID” to “employeeNo” in JSON node. Service field “empID” is created to map with “employeeID” and “employeeNo”, so database node can pass parameter to JSON node.