Multi-Decision Node

Multi-Decision Node is used when the service path split off into more than 2 different paths depending on the answer or consequences of the previous node. 

Multi-Decision Node Properties

To configure Multi-decision Node Properties:

  1. Double click at Multi-decision Node to open Multi-decision Properties popup
  2. Rename Item ID (Optional). Item ID is automatically defined. You may modify it to a meaningful name that represents the identity of the node.
  3. Add Loop Limit to set how many times to loop this function
  4. Select Condition Num to set how many conditions that you would like to create
  5. Code the condition in Initial Code field or use the code editor provided.

See more details at Code Editor

  1. Add conditions for the decision
    • Input 1st IF condition in Condition section
    • Input another IF conditions in other Condition section available
    • Select the node if result is different from IF conditions in Else Condition section
  2. Click DONE to save configuration