Sub Service Node

Sub Service Node is mostly applied in a case that you want to reuse services available on APIG. Some cases a service flow assembles many functions and integrates with different systems. In this case it’d be difficult for maintenance and enhancement of the service flow. Chopping one big flow into smaller flows based on functions. Then, using sub service node to assemble them into a single service function which is easy to track an error occurred.

Sub Service Node Properties

To configure Sub service Node Properties:

  1. Double click at Sub service Node to open SUB SERVICE PROPERTIES popup
  2. Rename Item ID (Optional). Item ID is automatically defined. You may modify it to a meaningful name that represents the identity of the node.
  3. Select the list of Service Name that needs to be connected with
  4. Choose the Loop type for determining action done with select service
    • No loop: No need for looping
    • Loop from Datalist: loop data from a list retrieve from selected service
    • Loop from Number: Set how many times to loop selected service
    • Loop from Code: If specific looping action needed, you can code in Java in Loop Condition field.
  5. In Connect To, the following node will be automatically selected when links nodes with connecting line. 
  6. In Exception To, indicate a different path of flow when exceptional cases occurred. The node will be automatically selected when links nodes with connecting line.
  7. Click DONE to save configuration