Multi Sub Service Node

Multi Sub Service Node is mostly applied in a case that you want to reuse more than one services available on APIG. Using Multi Sub Service Node, all selected services execute simultaneously for better performance. Process time is decreased compared to using sub service node for each service. However, make sure that all selected services do not require inputs from other nodes.

Multi Sub Service Node Properties

To configure Multi Sub Service Node Properties:

  1. Double click at Multi sub service Node to open MULTI SUB SERVICE PROPERTIES popup
  1. Rename Item ID (Optional). Item ID is automatically defined. You may modify it to a meaningful name that represents the identity of the node.
  2. Select the Number of Sub Service that you need to call simultaneously 
  3. Determine Service Timeout to set the specific time that all the sub services should be completely executed
  4. Select service to use as a sub service in Sub Service 1 section. Select in other Sub Service sections if more than 1 service is needed.
  • Check Ignore Error in Sub Service box to ignore error of selected sub service and continue running the main service flow
  1. In Connect To, the following node will be automatically selected when links nodes with connecting line. 
  2. In Exception To, indicate a different path of flow when exceptional cases occurred. The node will be automatically selected when links nodes with connecting line.
  3. Click DONE to save configuration