Screen Node

Screen node represents a mapped AS/400 screen involved in function that you want to create service. You can set function of selected screen:


Properties is a section that you can quickly configure your screen setting including :

Item ID
Item ID is automatically defined. You may modify it to a meaningful name that represents the identity of the screen.

Select a mapped screen used in the service

Check Screen
The box is checked as a default to check if mapped screen is identical to actual AS400 screen

Set All Fields
Check the box to enable all mapped fields of the screen to get inputs

Get All Fields
Check the box to get outputs from all mapped fields of the screen 

Default Values

You can default the value of each field in this section. If none of the fields have default value, leave them blank.

Screen Properties

To configure Screen Properties :

  1. Double click Screen Node to open SCREEN PROPERTIES popup
  2. Select mapped screen from a drop-down list in Screen field
  3. Rename Item ID (Optional). Item ID can also be configured in Properties section
  4. In Connect To, the following node will be automatically selected when links nodes with connecting line. You may select it from a drop-down list
  5. Use CODE EDITOR to set other functions for selected screen