Excel Export Node

Excel Export Node is a logical reference of Excel Export Adapter on service board. It exports data retrieved from other nodes or processed in service flow into Excel file format.

Excel Export Node Properties

You can select which Excel Export Adapter needed to be connected, name a list of data as well as modify field names to match with field names in node that you want to pass data to. 

To configure Excel Export Node Properties :

  1. Double click at Excel Export Node to open Excel Export Properties popup
  2. Select Excel Export Adapter you want to connect to in Adapter Name field. See more about Excel Export Adapter: Excel Export Adapter
  3. Name a list of data in List Name field.
  4. Rename Service Fields. Double click at field(s) that you want to rename in service fields. Then, click Update. See more about terminology: Nodes. Skip this step if there is no need to change field names. 
  5. Click DONE to save configuration