AS400 System Integration

AS400 system is known as the most stable and secure system. No matter what value the application has created to the business initiatives. They still find difficulties to integrate it with other technologies which hold them back from digital transformation. As a result, replacement with newer technologies is often chosen as an option.

However, replacement is not always an ultimate solution. It depends on what problems businesses are facing. If the application itself is not a problem, why change it?

SSQUARE API Generator offers you the ability to encapsulate data and functions of your AS400 system and make them available as services published in the form of WSDL or RestAPI.

All you need to create service integrated with your AS400 system is to understand how the function works (screen flow), map those screens, map fields in each screen, and assemble them on service board. No need to replace your AS400 system, just integrate it with APIG you will be able to utilize the available data and functions on your application as simple as that.