Create Screen Mapping

To map a screen :

  1. Connect SSQUARE Toolkit with Legacy System on System Connection page. If you haven’t configured Target Host, See how to connect with AS400: Legacy System
  2. Go to menu MAPPING. Click CREATE SCREEN MAPPING to begin screen mapping.
  3. To map screen,
    3.1) Name your screen in Screen Name field
    3.2) Double click string on AS400 screen to set red box position. You may adjust red box to cover needed area
    3.3) Click Set Check String 1, 2, or 3 (you can check up to 3 strings per screen)
  1. Check the box Check Scr. Dup. to find if the screen has already mapped
  2. Click CREATE +

To map the next screen, use the AS400 screen on the right to input parameters or command to process to the next screen.