Update Field Mapping

Any changes in field name or field position of mapped screen may affect service flow that the screen is a part of. 

To update mapped field:

  1. On menu MAPPING, search your mapped screen name on a search box
  1. Click MAP FIELD to open CREATE / UPDATE FIELD MAPPING screen. You may search your mapped field on a search fields box
  1. Double click on field name that you want to update in ALL CREATED FIELDS table
  2. On FIELD DETAILS tab, you can
  • Update name of the field in Field Name
  • Update Default Value (If any)

Row, Col, Length of field and direction can be updated as in Step 3 of Create Field Mapping

  1. On VALIDATED tab, you can
  • Make an adjustment whether it’s required field or not
  • Select another value filter for the field in Dropdown Filter. Dropdown Filter, a list of data used for validating input data, can be configured on SSQUARE Admin (Menu : Configuration > Maintain Dropdown)
  1. Click UPDATE to save changes