Create Data List Mapping

To map data list :

  1. On menu MAPPING, search your mapped screen name on a search box
  1. Click MAP DATALIST to open CREATE / UPDATE DATA LIST screen
  2. Name a list in List Name field
  3. Click and hold from the first to last rows of data to indicate area of data list

When the area of data list is selected, yellow box on selected area indicates Begin Row and End Row of the list.

  1. Double click on string to check on AS400 Screen. Yellow box indicates string and its location that you want to check. The selected string will automatically be filled in Check String field as below.
  1. Select Check Type of string
    • Next – Checked string indicates that there are more that one page of data
    • Last – Checked string indicates that the screen displays the last page of data
  2. Define End String if the list contains a keyword that indicates the end of data. If not, ignore this step.
  3. Select key in Next Page Key 
    • If check type is Next, click Keypad to select PgDown as a Next Page Key
    • If check type is Last, click Keypad to select PgUp as a Next Page Key 

Key might differ from mentioned depends upon your AS400 system.

  1. Specify number of pages or records of data list in Amount field
  2. Click Create +

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