Call Service in Data List

Call Service function is provided to use in a case that you want to retrieve extended data of the selected record on AS400 screen. 

For example, To retrieve Work with object locks of Object: MAIN, mark string 8 at column 3 and press Enter. 

AS400 screen displays Work with object locks record of Object: MAIN

Call Service function will mark 8 at Object: MAIN, press Enter, get a record, and return data from 2 screens in 1 record.

To configure Call Service function :

  1. On menu MAPPING, search your mapped screen name on a search box
  1. Click MAP DATALIST to open CREATE / UPDATE DATA LIST screen. You may search your mapped data list on a search fields box
  1. Double click on a list name that you want to use Call Service function
  1. Click No Service to open CALL SERVICE popup
  1. On CALL SERVICE popup, configure as follows:
    • Column: Column on AS400 screen to press cursor and mark string
    • String: string used for execution
    • Key: click Keypad to select the key for execution
    • Service: select service that specifically created to retrieve data from extended screen
  1. Click UPDATE to save configuration and close CALL SERVICE popup
  2. Click UPDATE to save configuration of data list