6 points to consider while implementing digital transformation

Companies strive to devise and come up with various ways to improve business operations. But implementing new ideas is never simple and technical insight is not the only ingredient to success, so here are 6 points to consider when applying digital transformation at the organizational level.

1. Focus on the why

Communication across the organization is crucial. It is important to communicate that digital transformation is not only beneficial for the firm but it creates positive change at the personnel level. Making sure that everyone understands changes properly would help ensure better alignment and reduce friction. Making sure that people are on the same page is the first step of taking action.

2. Create personalized communication journeys

Like how customers need solutions that fit their problem. The type of communication matters. Using the right communication method that motivates employees would build positive drives to change. Communication channels and pathways should be designed to reach employees as effective as possible and tailored to fit the company’s culture.

3. Create targeted multimedia experiences that reach different groups

75% of firms face trouble channeling ideas to the right organization communication channels using a one size fits all approach. Because each person is unique, the same message may need to be portray in different ways in order to build common understanding.

4. Communicate in context

Simply telling staffs to check emails every morning generally is not the best idea. Moreover, it could make people feel that they have additional tasks on their hands and feel demotivated. Instead of corporate emails communication updates via channels such as corporate Facebook pages that seamlessly blend into everyday life could yield surprisingly better results.

5. Use data to measure and iterate

Reality often does not goes as planned. Things may not appear as they are first assumed to be. Therefore, the best results are the ones which have been revised over multiple feedbacks and reiteration to perfect the process.

6. Become a change-ready organization

Mindset lies at the heart of communication. In order to generate change, mindsets must be open.

Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/30/heres-why-ge-fords-digital-transformation-programs-failed-last-year.html

Date : 14/02/2020