How IBMi propelled “Deves” to become
Thailand’s No. 1 digital insurance company

IBMi was  the organization’s overlooked key to success in digital transformation

20x faster time to market 
80% lower implementation cost
33X better performance than RPA speed

Deves was facing  substantial issues with their  languishing and inflexible core technology, which was holding back  their business operations.  Its system was incapable of serving its customers and business partners that were using more advanced technologies such as cloud and mobile applications. Top management faced a dilemma; either upgrading and keeping AS400 or investing USD 10 million  to migrate to a new core application, that would not only take at least 4 years but also with no guarantees of success.

Deves’s challenges!

  • Although AS400 is very stable and secure, Deves was using an old hardware version,  which no longer had spare parts available.  It  was also critical to update the AS400 core insurance application.
  • Deves had many IT operational silos, resulting in a great deal of redundancies and repetitive manual work.
  • Deves had a lot of tested and trusted applications running on AS400 but they were unable to serve customers and partners with new business requirements based on new technologies like cloud computing and mobile apps.

How Hyper-Integration helped Deves!

Deves decided to upgrade both the hardware and software on AS400 and integrate existing applications with many other newer technologies (application, data, and devices).

Hyper-Integration Platform provided Deves the ability to integrate and orchestrate its existing business logic residing in IBMi applications with other technologies such as APIs, mobile applications, relational databases, and even RPAs to develop  new digital offerings. 

With Hyper-integration, Deves was able to innovate user-centric features in  all of their digital offerings.

For example, Hyper-Integration allows customers to search for the nearest auto repair shops  using their phones.  With just one click  on the Deves Dee app, APIs created on  Hyer-Integration will connect to the AS400  to retrieve the repair shop information, then to the MS SQL database for GPS positions, and finally to Google Map APIs  to calculate the driving distance to each  repair shop from the user’s current location. All of this information will be displayed on  the mobile app in real time. 

S2 Hyper-Integration Platform helped Deves   to fully leverage the reliability and strengths of IBMi, through integration with other  applications, to digitally transform it’s customer service operations. By creating an integration platform, and consequently  new digital capabilities, Deves is now able to run an agile business .

As a result, Deves is one of Thailand’s leading general insurers, capable of providing real-time digital services via mobile applications (Called “Deves Dee”, available on Apple App store and Google Play Store) and able to digitally integrate with business partners by creating  real-time APIs within a few days. 

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Date : 24/08/2021