Turn your IBMi applications into a
strategic weapon for digital transformation

Enable the business logic and data in your IBMi applications
to work with other technologies as a dream team today. 

SSQUARE Hyper-Integration Platform

“If you have a lot of good applications running on IBMi, you are ready to go digital now.”

Rather than keeping AS400 applications separate from other technologies and trying to migrate 100% to new applications with similar core features, companies should find a way to make use of it.

Key features

Dynamic design

SSQUARE Hyper-Integration Platform provides a workspace to design, integrate, and test your innovative digital offerings. 

Simple and flexible way of integration

In minutes you can drag and drop to integrate all nodes to be a service flow with business rules similar to workflow.

Built-In visualized quality assurance tool

You can use a built-in testing tool to visualize how the flow works step by step, identify where errors occur right away , collaborate only with related parties to solve the problem and deploy executable code in the desired environment.

Universal interface standards and architectural patterns

You can easily allow other technologies or devices to call your service by publishing the service flow based on standards such as WSDL or JSON.

Lots of Happy Customers.

Developing digital solutions to enter new markets, launch new services,
and collaborate with new business partner in new and engaging ways.

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