Techberry is very pleased to announce that Orlando Rios has been appointed as the company’s Sales Representative for the Americas market.

Having worked at leading multinational companies such as Pfizer and Miele, Orlando has been designing and developing applications for IBMi / AS400 systems for more than 40 years. His in-depth knowledge and extensive experience makes him an ideal representative to reach out to his network that has been built over the decades.                        

Orlando initially connected with Techberry through LinkedIn and was instantly impressed with the company’s products. “When I first saw the product, I told the Techberry team that this is what I have always been wanting to develop and I would have done it more or less the way you guys did it” said Orlando. He also added “I really like the approach and how it very nicely handles the nuances of the AS400 system, making integration work quick and easy.”                

At Techberry, the management is delighted to have Orlando on board. “His enthusiasm and passion for our product, really motivates us to drive expansion” says Co-founder, Jon Vanasin, “I would also like to add that Orlando is great at marketing and sales because he fully understands the customer’s needs from a business perspective and as an added bonus, his technical background allows him to share valuable ideas about how to improve our product.”                

Orlando is currently based in the NYC metro area. For any enquiries, he may be reached at
(908) 914-6888 or                        

Techberry is a software development company that provides a hyper-integration platform that leverages IBMi / AS400 applications by enabling legacy systems to work seamlessly with a wide range of technologies and devices. Techberry’s customers include banks, insurance and manufacturing companies.

Date : 26/07/2021