Step 3.3: Create Service Flow

  1. Go to menu SERVICE. Click CREATE SERVICE to start creating API Integration flow.
  2. Provide the following information on CREATE SERVICE popup

Service Name : testwebservice
Package Class : test

  1. Click CREATE+ to create service flow
  2. Search your service name in SERVICE SEARCH box. Then, click SERVICE FLOW to start creating service flow.

  1. Drag START, Web Service, and END nodes from FLOW ITEMS panel and drop on Service Board. 
  • START and END nodes are mandatory. Every service flow required to have starting and ending points.
  • Web Service node is included in the flow as this service is designed to bring the existing service coming to use again. Therefore, web service node is used as a logical reference to web service adapter created in Step 2: Create Adapter
  1. Link nodes with connecting lines and directional arrows by hovering a mouse on a node until the node’s border is green and dragging to another node