Step 1 : Design Services

First of all, you have to design the service flow and its function. So, the main goal of our service as stated in the previous section is to bring the existing service in the JSON structure coming to use again and the function of that service is to retrieve the information from the database.

Service: Bringing the existing service come to use again without changing the service function

After you know that you have to create the service. You can fully concentrate on designing how your service functions including. 

  • Service description
  • Interface structure
  • Service flow and external systems integration

See more details at Step 1: Design Services

Design service

This part will design the service that includes what the function is and describe the details.

Design Database Selection Service

Service Description
Service name : testjson
Description : using the existing service and unchanging the service function
Project : testservices

Interface Structure
It is because we bring the testdatabase service come to use again, the service interface structure will be the same as the previous service and you can see more details of that service on Step 1: Design Services

Service flow and external systems integration
This part is unnecessary to do it since we use the existing service that is already configured to external systems.

Design Service Flow

This part will design the function of the service into the flow diagram.